Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You had me at "Gold Sparkles"

I saw a promotional picture of Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes Gold Sparkle mascara literally hours after I placed my massive Sephora Friends and Family order.  I had to have it, even though it meant paying extra shipping, and have been waiting anxiously for the last week for it to arrive.  I was really hoping to have it in time for Halloween, and sure enough it arrived tonight just as we were getting ready to leave the house for trick-or-treating.

Phenomen'Eyes is packaged in a very large, thick tube.  I'd say it's the diameter of my thumb, maybe a bit wider.  The wand itself is about as thick as your average eyeliner pencil, and the applicator is a small ball on the top rimmed with sharp spikes.  The glitter in the mascara itself is small in diameter, but not the micro glitter that you might see in a metallic nail polish. 

Surprisingly, the gold in this shade doesn't actually come from the glitter itself.  The glitter is multicolored, while the base is a bronze/gold.  Once on the lashes the glitter adds a subtle shimmer rather than a POP of glitter.

My hope was that Phenomen'Eyes Gold Sparkle would be something subtle I could wear either alone or over black mascara to add just a hint of festivity to my lashes. I'm very pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed.  I'd say this is perfect for holiday party wear, particularly for those who'd like to add pizazz to their otherwise conservative makeup.

Hooray for gold sparkles!

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