Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bobbi Brown Cool Party Palette

Oh my.  Oh. MY.  Forget all of the good things I said about the Bobbi Brown Party Palette earlier this week--the Cool Party Palette is a million times better.  I'd go on at length, but the swatches really speak for themselves:

As you can clearly see, pigmentation isn't a problem with the Cool Party Palette.  I wish that the warm palette looked like this because damn.  Seriously.  That's some great pigmentation.

As you may recall, I've had trouble getting the black shades in my Urban Decay Naked Palette and Tarte for True Blood palette to blend well.  I was beginning to think that the problem was either with me or with my crease brushes, which work very well for pretty much every other shadow I've tried.  The blacks (a velvety cool matte grey-tinged black and a chalky sparkle midnight black) in the Cool Party Palette, however, blend easily.  Color me both surprised and pleased.

The white shade included in the palette is maybe the only disappointing one in terms of pigmentation.  Again, I can't help but compare it to Urban Decay's Virgin color (which is a warm ivory, and wouldn't compliment the rest of the palette at all), which is so richly pigmented that it really puts this white to shame.  Pity.

The pale ice blue of this palette is actually what convinced me to purchase it, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed.  While it is a very, very subtle blue, the color shows up quickly on the lids and doesn't turn muddy even when applied over the light grey shade.

Both of the greys are solid performers as well, and the gunmetal shimmer color packs a real punch--this is definitely a lid or crease color, not a highlighter!

My only complaint about the Cool Party Palette is that it doesn't work great with my warm skin tone.  I definitely see myself using it at least once a week until it's gone, but these shades are far less flattering on me than they would be on someone with a cool skin tone.  Still, all in all it's a gem of a palette, and I'm beyond pleased with my decision to add it to my collection.

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