Monday, November 21, 2011

Fresh Sugar Brown Sugar Body Cream

Do you understand that there's sugar in this body cream?  Because aside from the name (SUGARRRR!) I actually wouldn't know that this contained anything other than lemon scent.

Right off the bat, do I think this moisturizer is worth the whopping $35 retail price? No. Lord no. Hell no. For that price I expect miracles, and while Brown Sugar Body Cream is fine for certain situations, it's far from a holy grail product.

Brown Sugar Body Cream is a thick, lemon-scented (think lemon mereingue pie-type lemon scent) lotion that feels lovely going on. It isn't greasy, it absorbs quickly, and my skin felt immediately softer after applying it. Within minutes, though, my hands felt uncomfortably dry again. I tried this cream again and again, hoping that I could explain the dry feeling away, but I couldn't. It's definitely the lotion.

My hands are prone to some dryness, and I like to stick with thick, heavy moisturizers such as Eucerin during the Fall and Winter months. I could buy a two-up year supply of Eucerin for what I'd pay for a single tube of Fresh Sugar Body Cream, and it would be money better spent. I'll keep this tube around for the summer or for when I don't need a lot of moisturizing action, but beyond that I won't be using this for much in the future.

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