Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fresh Sugar Lip Balm is the BOMB

I recently had the opportunity to try out some Fresh Sugar products from the Lust gift set, and OMG they are amazing.  I'm probably the last person in the Northern Hemisphere to try Fresh Sugar, and now I know why it's so popular.  Let's take a look:

Included in the Lust gift set are a hand cream, a sugar lip exfoliator, and one of Fresh Sugar's famous lip balms.  This is the balm that retails for $22 a pop, which was frankly what piqued my curiosity about the brand in the first place.  Either the balm was ridiculously overpriced garbage that people were suckered into buying because of the "luxury" brand name, or it was the real deal and worth more than I typically pay for lipstick.

I'm pleased to say it is most definitely the latter.

Fresh Sugar lip balm is packaged in a heavy metal tube, clearly meant to withstand a beating in a purse or pocket.  It goes on smooth and creamy, and reminded me of nothing so much as Lansinoh lanolin in solid form.  It's instantly moisturizing, and the moisture sticks around for hours on end.  I first applied a thin coat at 1:00 pm this afternoon and am only now (at 6:30 pm) feeling the need to put some more on.  It's that long-lasting.

Given that the Lust gift set is priced at $28 and a stand-alone tube of balm is $22, the math here is simple.  Snap this holiday deal up before it's gone!

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