Thursday, December 8, 2011

OPI for the Muppets--Warm and Fozzie

I love, love, love the Muppets collection.  Have I said that already?  Oh, wait, I have.  Well, it bears repeating.  Especially now that it looks like the Hunger Games polish line isn't going to happen, I really love that OPI did such a bang-up job with their Muppets-inspired looks.

Warm and Fozzie is a warm metallic brown polish heavy on multicolored micro glitter.  Mostly the glitter looks like the same pink/red in Designer de Better, but I've spotted green and blue in there as well.  The overall effect is a lovely dark copper, which would probably work better for the Fall, but I'm going to sport it pretty often in this Winter as well.  Because it is gorgeous.

Wear-wise I'm about as underwhelmed with OPI as I always am.  Even using Zoya Anchor and Seche Vite (thanks to the commenter who suggested I try it!) I'm still only getting three days of wear with chips after day one.  Applying three coats of polish helps, but for some colors that's just too heavy.  So...back to the drawing board.  As always, let me know if you have any suggestions!

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