Thursday, December 15, 2011

Benefit Sugarbomb--Is it THE Bomb?

God, Sephora, why do you hate my wallet?  First it's the Friends and Family sale, then the VIB sale, THEN $20 off a $50 purchase.  Really, it's like you think I'm capable of resisting slightly discounted cosmetics.  Which, by the way, I'm not.

Do not even talk to me about the 20% off coupon I received from Ulta yesterday.  

So I obviously had to buy something with my free money, and decided to give one of Benefit's much-lauded blushes a try.  Initially I wanted Dandelion, but after examining swatches on Temptalia's unparalleled swatch gallery, I realized that even on my very fair skin it would be too light.  So I decided to go with Sugarbomb.

Good choice, don't you think?

Sugarbomb is very, very subtle.  I seem to be doing a lot of subtle blushes lately (see Monday's review of Tarte's Exposed shade) and am liking the change-up from my usual NARS Orgasm/Tarte Natural Beauty routine.  I never thought I'd be a multiple blush kind of girl, but it's pleasant to have more options for both workdays and weekends.

In any case, on me Sugarbomb leans quite peach, though a pink-peach.  I'm not a huge fan of having to swirl my brush around the face of the pan to get even color distribution, but I can see why it might be nice to (at some point) be able to modify the color of the blush more or less pink/peach depending on my needs.

I didn't get quite 12 hours of wear time (my usual with Tarte and NARS) but since I don't see any specific wear time promises listed from Benefit I'm still calling this a win.  I definitely saw color 8+ hours after application, which is a full day for most people.  I did pair Sugarbomb with a highlighter on my cheeks (Benefit's Watt's Up, which I'll do a longer review of later this week) as I think the color improves when augmented with some additional pep.

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