Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dior Nocturne Rouge Dior Lip Color--Divine Shimmer!

I'll be honest here, I wanted to love Nocturne more than I do.  It's a gorgeous shade and I'll wear it until the tube is empty,'s not what I was expecting.

Nocturne is a rich raspberry shade infused with gold shimmer.  Raspberry and I don't get along as a rule, mostly because I have a warm complexion and most raspberry shades I've encountered are cool-toned.  I also prefer red lip colors to pinks, which is what I hoped Nocturne would be.

And yet, the gold shimmer looks lovely.  I really like how Nocturne pairs with Tarte's Natural Beauty cheek stain, and especially how it looks when I'm wearing a shirt in a cooler color.  I think it really is one of those shades that flatters both warm and cool complexions when worn with the right coordinating shades.

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