Monday, December 12, 2011

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

As you may remember, I'm a big fan of Tarte.  I love their cheekstains, eyeshadows, and lip products.  I especially love that I have yet to encounter a dud product from them, which makes me far more likely to try new things from the brand sight unseen.  That said, Exposed is a shade that I purchased on a whim and probably wouldn't have looked at twice if it hasn't been for Temptalia's review a couple of weeks ago.

(an aside--my husband replaced all of the lighting in my bathroom this weekend, and I'm still trying to figure out the best angle for swatching.  Blog readership, meet my sink!)

Lovely, isn't it?  Very subtle, and perfect for a laze-around-the-house-no-I-shouldn't-be-wearing-makeup-but-I-am-because-it-makes-me-happy day.

In terms of wear time, I definitely get the full 12 hours advertised, which is pretty impressive for a powder blush.  I get at least 12 hours from Tarte's cheek stain too, for what it's worth.  I didn't pair Exposed with a highlighter here, and honestly I'm not sure it would look right with one.  Just as I wouldn't wear a glittery lipgloss over a my-lips-but-better lipstick,  I wouldn't pair my-cheeks-but-better Exposed with highlighter.

Regardless, I'd heartily recommend Exposed to pale-skinned, warm-complected ladies looking for a blush that won't make you look at all like you're wearing blush.  Check it out!

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