Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bobbi Brown's Party to Go Palette

I first saw pictures of the Party to Go palette on the Makeup and Beauty Blog, and was in instant lust.  I've been in an ongoing search for the perfect purple eyeshadow for months now, and had high hopes for the eggplant shade Bobbi Brown was offering in this holiday set.

Plus, who doesn't love twee cosmetics?

Very twee.

Shadow Trio Rundown:
  • The eggplant is indeed lovely, if a bit too dark for daily wear.  The formula is smooth, highly pigmented, and applies beautifully.  
  • The silver is very, very light.  Pigmentation is a bit lacking on this one, though I really wasn't looking for a bold or glittery silver, so this is a pretty satisfying shadow in my book.
  • The black is a soft sable, and pigmentation is similar to that of the purple.  I still had some trouble blending it--I'm beginning to wonder if my problem with blending blacks (if you recall I had similar issues with Creep in the Naked Palette) has more to do with my application/brushes than with the shadows.  Please weigh in if you have suggestions.
  • Swatches: 

    Lipstick Trio Rundown:
    • The gloss looks much redder in the tube than it is on my skin.  In fact, my first thought when I put it on was that I looked cold because it was such a cool purple. The eyeshadow I wore on the day it arrived (because of course I had to play with it immediately) was warm brown, and I have to wonder if my initial reaction to the gloss had more to do with the way it clashed with my eyes than how it really looked by itself.  
    • The two lipsticks are gorgeous.  The first is a very, very pale pink, and the second is a much darker purpley red.  Both are fairly sheer, and have decent staying power without needing to be retouched more than every 4-5 hours.  Not bad! 
    • Swatches:


      I really do love this set, but the dark cool tones of the eggplant shadow and gloss make this an evenings-only item in my makeup drawer.  Which, frankly, is exactly what it says on the box--PARTY to go.  Now I just need to find some fun parties to attend!

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